Ecological effects and pollution prevention are two considerable topics for our company.

For this right cause P&P invests resources to respect the surrounding nature in the best way, combining environmental quality and industrial competitiveness.


One of the goal of P&P aim s to develop environmental friendly products and manufacturing process in order to guarantee safe working conditions for all employees.

P&P invests to realize new and ecological products. The first step has been the IS-PRO Ecosky® coating that eliminates galvanic chrome.

P&P always works to develop a clean product taking care of our future.


It is clear that greenhouse gases increase, CO2 emission, are one of the causes of climate changes partially due to fossil fuel usage.

In order to limit environmental damages P&P has committed itself to optimize product process, energetic efficiency and rational use of resources.

In this way, P&P has invested in alternative energy used for its business activity so as to make headways in becoming a zero impact company.

draft (ecologic company certification)


Thanks to Bando per la realizzazione di progetti di ricerca industriale e sviluppo sperimentale nel settore dell’efficienza energetica (POR FESR 2007-2013 – Asse 1 – Linea di intervento – Azione B), with the Europe Union, Italian State and Regione Lombardia participation, Protec Equipment Division realized an innovative solar evaporator to treat the industrial wastewater. The system uses solar thermal energy and combines distillation wastewater advantages with a reduction electricity consumption.

The new system utilizes the heat produced by solar thermal system in order to reduce electricity necessary for the evaporator machine.

Typically, a normal evaporator system processes 1000-2000 l/day and to evaporate 1 kg of water it is necessary 2,5 MJ (almost 0,7 kWh = 0,1 €). This means 0,53 kg carbon anhydride in atmosphere.

Thanks to this innovative system is possible to reduce almost 50% the energy with a really high savings.

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