A new age for thin film coating in high vacuum was born at the beginning of 2010. After a careful strategic planning and reorganization, Protec Surface Technologies and ProtimLafer, leaders and successful companies in the vacuum coatings business, decided to present to the market joined in a new entity.

P&P is a radical evolution in vacuum coating field which can grant a high level of quality achieved by know-how sharing and joined experience. The new strategy give more support to our customers during all different process steps.

coating division

P&P Coating Division has over 20 years experience in the field of thin film decorative coatings using advanced PVD and Sputtering technologies.

With 8 PVD plants and a full pre-treatment systems, P&P is the leader in Italy of vacuum coatings and has one of the largest coating centers in Europe.

Thanks to a well-structured organization and advanced know-how, P&P Coating Division satisfies costumers from customized samples to the optimized deposition process in a full industrial production.

equipment division

P&P Equipment Division is specialized in engineering, assembling and selling turnkey PVD and PECVD plants to perform nano-technological thin films deposition for decorative and functional applications.

It is always committed in developing innovative processes and equipment to provide customers with very competitive technical solutions also based on specific customer requests.

Thanks to a broad experience, Equipment Division supplies a complete solution from pre treatments to the industrial process. Besides, it supports costumers for quality control and characterization instruments.


P&P International business increases day by day.

The new equipment division, located near San Paolo, is has just opened.

Moreover P&P has many agents in Europe, USA and South America to follow efficiently different costumer needs.


Planning, implementing, using, improving and innovating.

To support costumers during innovative, customized, successful and environmental friendly product development.


“Grow up together to develop new technology”.

In the thin film vacuum market (PVD, sputtering, PECVD) P&P is characterized by an innovative organizing approach aimed to ideate and realize a unique product.

Thanks to joint efforts and continuous research P&P is a company growing every day.

P&P coating division:

Via Benaco, 88 - 25081 Bedizzole (BS)
Phone.: +39 030 6871303 / 6873118 - Fax.: +39 030 6876063
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P&P equipment division:

Via Benaco, 88 - 25081 Bedizzole (BS)
Tel.: +39 030 6871703 - Fax.: +39 030 687 3773
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P&P in Brasil:

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P&P is a dynamic and innovative company.

For this reason we are always looking for technical, specialists, engineers and collaborators - Italian or foreign – to work together to achieve common objectives.
Intuition, innovation, collaboration and responsibility are the base for a higher professional career inside P&P. P&P.

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