P&P always looks out to customer needs and to market trends. For this reason it has understood the need to a new coating family has been developed according to market enquires.

At the moment our labs are working to create new coatings which will give a further value added to the product.


P&P is working in order to satisfy new and increasing customer needs. For this reason, R&D labs develop new coatings to create advanced and innovative finishing. The research results are higher technical characteristics and new environmental friendly product process.

IS-PRO® - Technical Coatings

IS-PRO® coatings has high technical characteristics depending on different applications.
Corrosion resistance, low friction coefficient and high surface hardness are only some characteristics of P&P coatings.

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IS-PRO® - Decorative Coatings

Unique aesthetic characteristics, high performances, environmental friendly are  the most important characteristics of new IS-PRO® coating for decorative applications.



ABACO® is the ultimate and latest generation of thin film antibacterial coatings that combines the advantages of strength, durability and beauty of PVD with an assured nanotechnology providing exceptional antibacterial properties.

This antibacterial efficiency, certified by precise certified lab tests, is due to the Nano inclusions present in the complex architecture of the multilayer coating, which destroys the bacterial cell membrane by blocking its nutrition and interrupting the cell division cycle.

The antibacterial action continues throughout the active life of the object and improves over time, due to the physical properties of the coating.

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