pvd coatings and decorative treatments

The PVD process, with a layer thickness in between 0,2 µm and 2 µm, presents exceptional aesthetical features as well as it guarantees a very long life for the durability:

  • Exceptional superficial hardness (1000-2500hv)
  • High wear and abrasion resistance
  • Resistance to UV ray exposure
  • Resistence to solvents, acids, alkali and most of the Household cleaning products.
  • Resistance to human sweat
  • Anallergic: PVD coatings are compliance to the DM 21/03/1973 (Italian law suitable for foodstuffs and personal use).
  • Ecological: PVD process is environmental friendly since non-pollutin.
  • Corrosion resistance superior to any other surface treatment.
Materials to be treated

The PVD Coating Division is able to treat a wide range of materials:

  • Ferrous and non Ferrous metals (such as Steel, Stainless Steel, Titanium, Aluminum, Zinc, etc.),
  • Glass and Crystal,
  • Ceramic,
  • Polymers such as ABS and Polycarbonate (only if pre-treated on forehand).
Avalaible colors:
  • bright
  • satin
  • pearl

  • bright
  • satin
  • pearl
Surface Finishes:

All colors can be supplied with different surface characteristics:

Sand Blasted
Quality control:

QC lab every day certifies aesthetic and technical quality. Each costumer can ask for specific control and tests to characterize different coatings. Just for example:

Aesthetical Characteristics

(Color Meter DIN 6174, Surface Rugosity Meter as per BS ISO 4287)

Film thickness measurement

(Spectrophotometer with X-ray ISO 3497)

Corrosion Resistance Test

(NSS test, AASS test, CASS Test, UNI ISO 9227)


(micro-scratch test ASTM C1624)

Color Stability

(ASTM D870)

Surface Hardness

(nano indentation ISO 14577-1)


Coating for functional applications usually have a variable thickness from 1 to 6 microns and coating temperature which can reach up to 550°C.

Deposition are similar as the ones described in Decorative coating & treatment section. However the principal purpose of these coatings is to increase working performance and operative endurance of the coated units significantly. Technical coatings are used in various fields due to their extreme hardness, good adhesion to the substrate, corrosion resistance, low friction coefficient.

Typical coatings in this field are: TIN, AlTiN, AlCrN, TiAIN, TiCN, CrN, ZrN, DLC. This last coating family can be realized using PVD technology or PECVD. DLC presents extra characteristics for hardness and low friction coefficient . Diamond like carbon coating has been used for industrial purposes only recently and its full potentiality has still to be discovered.


Effectiveness and efficiency of many components depend on technical coatings.
Some principle applications:

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