PVD – Physical Vapor Deposition – is a coating technology to deposit a thin film (few microns) on many different kinds of base materials. During the process, inside the vacuum chamber, different metals - like titanium, zirconium, and chrome – evaporate in a vacuum atmosphere. Due to kinetic energy and a potential difference, ions move on the product’s surface where they condense creating the desired coating.

PVD coating is particularly recommended for all those innovative high quality products which require excellent chemical and technical features (hardness, resistance to abrasion, scratches, and corrosion) and at the same time offers a wide choice of chromatic colors. There are two different coating families: TECHNICAL PVD and DECORATIVE PVD.

technical pvd / decorative pvd


All different piece of equipment are made according to the highest modernity and efficiency standards assuring easy and cheap ownership costs, at the same time.

We have achieved excellent know-how for many industrial appliance due to our broad experience in R&D and in direct production.

Thanks to the high system flexibility it is possible to integrate different technologies.

Most used technologies:

Cathodic arc process is the most used in PVD coating. In this process the Cathodic arc causes evaporation of the solid metal used in the process by being driven on the metal solid surface of a target thus creating high temperature spots. Evaporated ionized metal re-combines with process gas forming a thin film deposit. The most important configuration target are: standard or steered.


Research and development are very important to allow technological innovation and to keep a competitive position in the global market.

For this reason P&P invests to support it day by day and has created a national and international network of collaborations with Universities and Research Organizations in order to develop every new opportunity.

In P&P there are 3 different dedicated labs specialized in all process phase in order to improve and optimize technologies and substrate performance.

& process lab.

Inside Engineering Lab, engineers and specialists study innovative hardware solutions for internal and/or paid research project.

Process Lab, realize and optimize process products in order to supply complete solutions. Research labs have three extremely versatile and complete PVD/PECVD plants which can be modified and integrated easily to meet many research needs. Moreover a pre-treatment plant and quality control instruments complete the structure.


Coating Labs has a wide range of instruments to study structure and performances of different coatings. Technical tests aimed to control quality and coatings study are the main laboratory activities.

Thanks to continuous testing it is possible to improve product quality day by day and to optimize processes.

client assistance

Technical assistance to our customers is one of the main P&P aim. In fact, teams of experts follow costumers in all phases of product process. Following some of principal services:

coating division:
  • Samples service
  • Personalized coatings
  • Quality assurance
  • Customized lab studies
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